Duplikium– Everything You Need To Know About Duplikium

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Duplikium– Everything You Need To Know About Duplikium Trade Copier

Simply explained, tradecopiers are trading assistance software that is particularly helpful for traders who have many accounts and want to copy their trades from one account to the next. You are about to read all there is to know about Duplikium, one of the most popular pieces of software used for this process.


About Duplikium

Without the need for a VPS running round-the-clock and software installation, Duplikium provides a cloud-based Trade Copier and Mirror Trading Platform designed for High-Frequency Trading to manage multiple accounts and support any forex and CFDs brokers worldwide, including cTrader brokers, LMax, FXCM, and more brokers. It is hence no wonder it is one of the trader favorites.

With 20,000+ connected accounts, 1 000 000+ orders copied per week, 5 000+ brokers’ servers supported, the numbers are undoubtedly in favor of Duplikium. Let’s find out why.

Duplikium Features

Duplickium boasts of a number of amazing features that are as follows:

  1. Everything works and is setup in the Cloud!
  2. Brokers, account currencies and technologies are all combined.
  3. It effectively manages risk of the copied trades
  4. It facilitates and ensures management order.
  5. Users enjoy easy access to advanced copy trading features.
  6. A flexible set up that traders can always adjust to suit their needs
  7. A maximum support for traders that is readily available via their chat box 24/7
  8. Affordable pricing for all business sizes.
  9. It is supported by all manner of brokers


They offer two available packages for their users apart from their free plan. A trader can either opt for the Flexible Plan which is charged based on the number of accounts connected to the copier. Each account connected costs €3.90 with all other features available.

The other plan is the Prepay Plan which is charged per copied trade. Each copied trade costs €2 with some features unavailable on this plan.

Duplikium Pricing
Duplikium Pricing

Duplikium Review

Duplikium has only one review on Trustpilot. This makes is a little hard to give a vouching statement on their genuineness.

V. Oliveira
3 reviews PT
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
Jun 10, 2022
No complaints. I recommend.
I’ve been a customer since April 2020, the service has been efficient. Whenever problems occur, technical support via chat or email has responded promptly. No complaints. I recommend.

Date of experience: June 10, 2022


Here is a video that might come handy in helping you understand Duplikium and how to get started.


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