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FTMO is a multinational investment firm founded on retail traders, providing traders with a diversified portfolio which aids in overcoming obstacles on the road to financial independence. A two-step evaluation process is used to determine whether a trader possesses the necessary skills to trade; these two steps are the FTMO Challenge and the Verification. The course is especially designed to help traders find their hidden talents.

This post is my unbiased review about FTMO prop firm, what traders have to say based on their trading experience with FTMO. Read On

  • Location: Czech Republic
  • Year of establishment: 2014
  • Licenses and registration:
  • Number of verified traders: un specified
  • Amount of  $ payouts :
  • Trading Platform: MetaTrader 4 & 5



FTMO Package/ Rules

The evaluation procedure begins with the FTMO challenge. Before traders are permitted to use the FTMO Account, a challenge is conducted to discover whether the trader is capable of managing risk appropriately and trading responsibly.

The FTMO challenge stage has acceptable criteria, and the trading objectives are defined as the profit target being in balance with the maximum drawdown that the firm is permitted to accept. You can move on to the verification phase as soon as all of the FTMO challenge’s Trading Objectives have been satisfied.

The second and final stage of the new trader evaluation is the FTMO verification. The Verification stage’s goal is to evaluate your consistency in trading. An additional 30 days are anticipated for this. You must generate a profit of at least 5% on the account you are applying for.

For an ultimate breakdown of FTMO packages, Click here.

FTMO Challenge Rules

FTMO Challenge

To join in the FTMO, you must have at least €155, as it is the cost-price of their least expensive account. You need not worry, though. You can take part in their free trial if you don’t yet have that much available.

Below are the various account sizes and the challenge fee:

  • The $10,000 account costs €155
  • The $25,000 account costs €250
  • The $50,000 account costs €345
  • The $100,000 account costs €540
  • The $200,000 account costs €1080

After the payment is verified, the trader is provided the demo account of the account size they paid for and are expected to commence trading on certain given trading conditions.

Below is a table showing the Maximum daily loss, profit target and Challenge period of FTMO Prop Firm


Step 1FTMO Challenge
Account Balance $10 000 $25 000 $50 000 $100 000 $200 000
FTMO Challenge Period 30 days 30 days 30 days 30 days 30 days
Minimum trading days 10 10 10 10 10
Max Daily Loss $500 $1 250 $2 500 $5 000 $10 000
Max Loss $1 000 $2 500 $5 000 $10 000 $20 000
FTMO Challenge Profit Target $1 000 $2 500 $5 000 $10 000 $20 000
Refundable Fee €155 €250 €345 €540 €1 080

FTMO – An Unbiased Evaluation about FTMO Prop Firm

FTMO Verification

The last step to become an FTMO trader is this one. The trader is expected to carry on using the same demo account in this instance, but under slightly different circumstances.

 Maximum daily drawdown                         Maximum Loss               Profit Target

$10,000                                $500                                                                $1,000                                   $500
$25,000                                $1,250                                                             $2,500                                   $1,250
$50,000                                $2,500                                                            $5,000                                   $2,500
$100,000                              $5,000                                                            $5,000                                   $5,000
$200,000                              $10,000                                                          $10,000                                $10,000

Click here for a detailed breakdown of FTMO Challenge and Verification stage

FTMO Scaling Plan Below..

  • Upgraded Profit Split to 90/10
  • Conservative and Safe Profit Eligibility Requirement
  • A Very Generous Scale-Up Cap for Of $2m per Trader
  • Continuous Increments if Eligibility Criteria Are Met
  • Trading Objectives Remain Static
  • Eligibility Automatically Checked with Each Profit Split
  • Capital Increments on The Ftmo Account Take Place in Four-Month Cycles.

FTMO in the video below reveals how traders can pass the FTMO Challenge.

FTMO Profit Split

FTMO offers an 80:20 profit split, while FTMO retains 20% of the profit, you receive 80% of the money you made on your account. For traders who stick to their scaling strategy, FTMO offers a 90:10 profit share to ratchet things up.

The profit split on the FTMO account is carried out on a monthly basis by default, with the opportunity to request a payout once 14 calendar days have passed since the account’s initial trade was placed. For each withdrawal, the profit split day may be altered up to three times, at any time between 14 and 60 days after the start of trading.

What makes FTMO different from other prop firms?

Without a doubt, FTMO is the best prop company out there. Their trading is open, professional, and equipped with many of resources to ensure the success of each trader.

You Won’t Be Responsible for Losses If Any With Ftmo Prop Trading Firm. All losses on the Ftmo account are covered by the trading firm in the event that something goes wrong. Additionally, Ftmo traders have full access to cutting-edge trading applications that might improve their competitive edge.

Additionally, FTMO accepts the use of EA’s and copy trading only under strict supervision.

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Is FTMO prop firm Legit or scam?

Being one of the industry leading Prop firm,  record has it that since its establishment, FTMO has paid its trader more than $40 million over the last two years. We can confidently assert that FTMO is a legitimate company based on the numerous favorable reviews from verified traders.

What does other traders have to say about FTMO?

To further buttress my point earlier, lets take a look at other traders assessment about FTMO prop firm, i hope after examining the reviews, your doubts are cleared. keep reading.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
5 hours ago

I just received my first profit split.
I just received my first profit split.

I really like how fast & smooth every transaction (from opening new account up until profit split).

I love the analysis report on my trades, as it shows which areas I need to improve.

All I need to do is to be a better trader & FTMO will take care of the rest.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
12 hours ago

FTMO is the Best
Excellent customer support. Always receive payouts in 1-2 business days. Offer several tools and resources to help you develop mentally as a trader.

Ron Don
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
19 hours ago

Got my refund and payout
FTMO is great, they gave me multiple free redos like they promised (upon finishing the challenge in profit), and once I passed verification and made it to my first payout, they refunded the card I paid on, as well as promptly issued a payout. I couldn’t be happier being funded with them.

Bálint Junkuncz
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
A day ago

I’ve just completed the substantial…
I’ve just completed the substantial part of step two (verification).
FTMO looks like a very fair, fast and informative company. (received my credentials for step two 30 MINS. after I finished step one).
I’m very happy with them so far can’t wait to become officially an FTMO trader

Fabi U.
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
3 days ago

Got my first payout last week
Got my first payout last week, everything is working well! great support.
FTMO is the place to level up.
Thanks for all guys

Mohi Pa
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
4 days ago

So far the best costumer service among…
So far the best costumer service among all prop firm, very good spread, fast execution, beats every prop firm in the industry. Some othe may offer 8% in challenge but in reality they have worse spread and execution. I am looking forward providing good signals and work with FTMO together to generate profit for both sides.

hardeep singh
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
4 days ago

I am in 90% bracket now…
It’s been amazing trading with FTMO. …I am getting payouts from ftmo without facing any problem. I have been scaled up in my 3 100k and one 50k accounts and now I am handling more than 400k altogether and above all I will be getting 90% split which is really awesome.

Ifophia Talents Limited
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
4 days ago

FTMO is structured to bring out the…
FTMO is structured to bring out the best in Traders. The back office analyse tools is exceptional. FTMO is always innovating and that’s a good thing

With over 3000 reviews TrustPilot, the comments are satisfactory as Traders are clearly happy with the firm. Kimmel Trading in the video below, narrates his trading experience with FTMO, the good and not too good aspect of his trading.

FTMO Education /Social Media?

FTMO does not offer education to traders on their website however they have their presence on social media, you can also be a part of their audience to get daily . FTMO ON;

Instagram with 146k followers

Facebook with 56k followers

Linkedin with 7.7k followers

FTMO Trading instruments/ platform

FTMO supports the three most popular trading solutions:

MetaTrader 4
MetaTrader 5

You can also trade all the instruments and assets that are available Forex, Indices, Commodities, Stocks, Crypto.


With no iota of doubt, FTMO prop firm is one of the giants in the forex market. All losses on the Ftmo account are covered by the firm in case something goes wrong. Traders review on Trustpilot platform as well as YouTube is also encouraging, But still, it is good that you check them to help you make an informed decision. No need to panic, FTMO is legit.

FTMO Support

Email: Support@ftmo.Com

Phone: +442 033 222 983

On this page, under the heading Prop Firm review, you can also read our in-depth, unbiased reviews of all other prop companies.


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