FTMO Vs TFF: The Veteran Vs The Newcomer

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Ftmo vs True Forex Funds (TFF): The Comparison of The Veteran and The Newcomer

In 2015, FTMO started what would be today known as one of the best prop firms that has attracted forex traders from more than 180 countries of the world across all continents, thanks to their trader-interest policies and impressive organizational structure that have sustained them for more than 7 years and still counting. True Forex Funds didn’t commence operations until 5 years after and have quickly risen up the ranks with a community of traders from 110+ countries.

This post hereby compares this veteran prop firm with the newcomer, examining their packages, terms, conditions, trading policies and objectively revealing how both firms fare next to each other.

FTMO Vs True Forex Funds
FTMO Vs True Forex Funds

The Comparison Sneak-peek

Debut Year 2015 2020
Evaluation Challenge 2 -step challenge 2-step challenge
Trading Instruments All available instruments on Meta 4, 5 and CTrader All available instruments on Meta 4
Trading Platform Meta Trader 4

Meta Trader 5


Meta Trader4
Broker Tier-1 Liquidity Provider with Direct Market Access Traders Global Group
Profit Split 90% 80%


About FTMO and TFF

FTMO is one of the older prop firm arounds still thriving and with an impeccable reputation. They, in fact, lead the rest with a handsome 90% profit split and an avenue for a free trail before beginning your journey towards a funded account, a privilege that is very rare in the entire prop market. But that is just a tip of the iceberg of what makes them fantastic. You can find out more in my detail examination of FTMO Profile in the link below:


TFF on the other hand is one of the new players in the forex industry with the goal of offering equal trading opportunities to across  nations of the world. True Forex Funds lives up to the tin, and indeed funds prospective traders who are able to meet up with the necessary requirements. Interestingly, they are still actively in search of skilled traders to trade their funded accounts.

To learn more about tff, their trading operations, platforms and faqs, click THIS LINK

Funding Challenge – FTMO Vs TFF

The first stop in comparing FTMO and TFF is their funding challenge. As it’s popular with most prop companies, the pair have well-structured evaluation challenges. The challenge of both firms have 2 phases but under varying conditions.

While FTMO requires traders in stage 1 to make a 10% profit in 30 days with a daily 5% and 10% overall drawdown limits, TFF likewise sets a daily 5% maximum drawdown and overall 10% drawdown limit, but require that traders make an 8% profit within the set 30 days or less.

FTMO requires in stage 2 that traders must make a 5% profit target in 60 days with the same daily and overall drawdown to be maintained. However, TFF wants traders to make only a 4% profit within the same period, following the same 5% daily and 10% overall drawdown limits.

TFF immediately gets one over FTMO with their requirements a little lesser than what FTMO demands.

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TFF vs FTMO Funding Programs and Pricing

FTMO offers 2 major funding programs: The Normal Risk and The Aggressive Risk programs.

True Forex Funds on the other hand offers just one funding program with 5 available account sizes.


  • The $10,000 Normal risk account costs €155 and €250 for the Aggressive risk account
  • The $25,000 Normal risk account costs €250 and €345 for the Aggressive risk account
  • The $50,000 Normal risk account costs €345 and €540 for the Aggressive risk account
  • The $100,000 Normal risk account costs €540 and €1080 for the Aggressive risk account
  • The $200,000 Normal risk account costs €1080


  • The $10,000 live account costs $89
  • The $25,000 live account costs $189
  • The $50,000 live account costs $299
  • The $100,000 live account costs $499
  • The $200,000 live account costs $998

A careful look at the account sizes of both will firms immediately signals one thing: both firms have same account sizes but the TFF prices are better than all of FTMO’s.

This is the second time TFF is scoring one on FTMO. Will there be a third?


FTMO Vs TFF Trading Instruments

Available trading instruments is one of the things that smart traders specially keep an out for. And this is no surprise given the fact that these trading instruments are one of the core determiners in whether a trader will make profitable tradings or not, as some trading instruments are more profitable than the others.

FTMO and TFF give traders free hands in making a choice of whichever trading elements they would love to trade on whichever trading platforms they use.

This is a good thing to see given that there are several prop firms who impose certain limitations on what traders can trade. So, good one from both FTMO and TFF.

FTMO vs True Forex Funds Profit Split and Withdrawal Duration

With a staggering 90% offer and a fortnightly-based withdrawal schedule, FTMO has one of the largest profit shares in the whole business. TFF closely follows with an offer of an 80% profit split with their successful clients, which is likewise based on a bi-weekly basis.

This is hence the first clear area where FTMO beats TFF


FTMO vs True Forex Funds Scaling Plan

FTMO does not have definite requirements for scaling plans. Instead, they advise traders to consider their options thoroughly before deciding on the size of their trading account.

Conversely, TFF offers an amazing 4 times annual scaling opportunity for their traders. All that is required is for traders to maintain a profitable trading that matches or exceeds the 8% profit target on their account for 2 out of a 3 months trading period. Traders who successfully meets the target are compensated and upscaled with a 25% increase on their initial trading capital.

Another one over FTMO. Nice one, TFF

Customer Reviews

Taking stock of their ranking on Trustpilot and the reviews from their traders, FTMO ranks at an all-time 4.9/5 stars high compared to TFF’s 4.5/5 with FTMO having 3,239 reviews of which 94% were excellent while only 88% of TFF’s 298 reviews were also ranked excellent.

Click here for a firsthand view of more FTMO reviews on Trustpilot and here  to view TFF reviews.


It’s rare to see a prop firm beat FTMO in terms of trading policies and conditions like TFF has done. However, FTMO has a longer track-record of 7 years of smooth operation and successful funding of traders in contrast to True Forex Funds’ 2 years.

So, we’ll leave this in the hands of the traders. Given that the traders’ reviews of FTMO trumps that of TFF, it is safe to say that FTMO comes more highly recommended than its counterpart.

However, one thing is certain: both firms are good choices to trade with.

Remember to read a comprehensive examination of the trading plans, rules, how to get funded and the FAQs of both prop firms here: FTMO || True Forex Funds

You can also follow the link below to access my Prop Firm Comparison Spreadsheet which entails a tabular comparison of more than 25 popular prop firms.



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