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My forex funds and Funded Next  are two of the big players in the prop trading industry. Both have amassed large communities of traders due to their handsome trading policies and impressive terms and conditions.

This post compares their trading, policies, terms and conditions, a wide range of other things that sets them ahead of the chasing pack, and concludes on which is a more viable prop firm to trade with.


Let’s get started with this table below entailing the comparison at a glance:

Debut year  2020 2022
Funding Model

2 -step challenge

Instant Funding

Trading Instruments








Trading Platform Meta Trader4 Meta Trader4
Broker IC Markets  EightCap
Profit Split 75-85% 60-90%

About MFF And FundedNext

Myforexfunds is one of the largest forex trading firms in the current market. MFF is committed to assisting traders and fostering their growth through programs, services, and information that help traders increase their trading efficiency, profitability, and self-sufficiency.

Funded Next on the other hand is a United Arab Emirates based forex company making a funding promise to traders worldwide backed by a 15% profit split granted a trader while still in the evaluation stage and the opportunity to scale up to $4,000,000.

You can click on the companies names to read about the exclusive analysis of the profiles of each of the firms: My forex funds || Funded Next.

MFF vs Funded Next Funding Programs

Funded Next offers two funding models which are the The Express and the Evaluation model. The Express model is a one-step assessment funding scheme, in contrast to the evaluation model, which calls for two phases to get to the real funded account.

Funded Next Express Model

In this approach, you are to achieve an unrestricted, aggressive profit target. You will start trading on FundedNext’s funded account with a 60% profit split once you reach the goal. Depending on your performance, the profit split rate could be raised all the way to 90%.

Funded Next Evaluation Model

With two phases and quite attainable profit targets, your objective in this model will be to demonstrate your trading prowess. You will begin trading on FundedNext’s funded account with an 80% profit share once you reach the set goals. Depending on your performance, the profit split rate could be raised all the way to 90%.

Backtesting: the secret to profitable trading?

MFF offers two funding models which are the evaluation challenge and the instant fundingWhile traders have to go undergo a demo account phase in the evaluation challenge, they are immediately placed on a live account in the instant funding option.

With their instant funding option, MFF’s funding program beats that of FundedNext. However, fundednext offers something close to it in their Express model. However, just before drawing the on which prop firm’s funding program is better, let’s take a look at their account pricing.

Funded Next vs MFF Account Pricing

Funded Next Evaluation Model Pricing

  • A $15,000 account size costs $99
  • A $25,000 account size costs $199
  • A $50,000 account size costs $229
  • A $100,000 account size costs $549
  • A $200,000 account size costs $999 

Funded Next Express Model Pricing

  • $15,000 account size costs $119
  • $25,000 account size costs $229
  • $50,000 account size costs $379
  • $100,000 account size costs $699

MFF Rapid Account Sizes and Price

  • The $10,000 account size costs $99
  • The $20,000 account size costs $189
  • The $50,000 account size costs $399
  • The $100,000 account size costs $749

The Evaluation Account Sizes and Price

  • The $5,000 account size costs $49
  • The $10,000 account size costs $84
  • The $20,000 account size costs $139
  • The $50,000 account size costs $299
  • The $100,000 account size costs $499
  • The $200,000 account size costs $979

The Accelerated Account Sizes and Price

  • The $2,000 account size costs $99
  • The $5,000 account size costs $245
  • The $10,000 account size costs $485
  • The $20,000 account size costs $970
  • The $50,000 account size costs $2,450

Evidently, MFF’s funding program has an edge over FundedNext’s. Aside from their instant funding option which I mentioned earlier, MFF’s accounts are cheaper when compared to FundedNext’s as you can purchase an MFF account for just $49.

MFF Vs FTMO – Comparison of the heavyweights?

Funded next vs MFF Profit Split

Funded Next offer a quite interesting profit split policy that allows a trader earn even from the evaluation stage. FundedNext’s traders earn 15% of the profits they make in their evaluation stage, in contrast to the 2% and 4% profit that MFF offer their traders when they pass stage 1 and 2 respectively.

On their express model, FundedNext offers traders a 60% profit split that could scale up to 90%. MFF’s Accelerated account pays a little less with a fixed 50% profit for their instant funding traders.

For their evaluation account, MFF pays a 75% profit split that could scale up to 85% that could be withdrawn on a bi-weekly basis. FundedNext beats this with their initial 80% profit share that could scale up to 90%. While the initial withdrawal has to be after one month of trading, subsequent withdrawals are on the bi-weekly basis too.

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Funded Next vs MFF Scaling Plan

The FundedNext evaluates their scale-up plan every four months. You need to acquire a cumulative account growth of at least 10% over the course of four consecutive months as this will result in a 40% increase in account balance.

MFF on the other hand offers traders 30% boost on their account if the traders meets the 10% profit target for at least two out of the four months stipulated scaling period.

FundedNext beats MFF on this again with theirhiger 40% increment and “cumulative account growth of at least 10%” in 4 months unlike MFF’s 20% profit target in at least 4 months.

Trading Instruments: MFF Vs Funded Next

MFF offers their traders 4 trading instruments in contrast to FundedNext’s 3. They both allow traders to trade currencies, indices and commodities, while MFF does one better with the option of trading Crypto.

Below is a video from forex pro, comparing trading policies between my forex funds and funded trader.

MFF Vs Funded next Customer Review

MFF ranks slightly higher than FundedNext with their 4.9/5 stars in contrast to FundedNext;s 4.7/5 stars.

My Recommendation 

On the whole, both firms are quite viable options to trade with, even though FundedNext’s policies edges that of MFF in some ways. So, what would I recommend?
You can trade with both firms. Other decisions are left to personal preferences.

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