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Savius Trading is a fast rising prop firm with traders all across the United States of America. The company is looking for talent in the finance sector with the intention of providing traders with the tools they need to pursue trading as a respectable career.

Their fundraising process involves a challenge step and a verification step before funding, which is quite conventional.

This post is a review about Savius Trading Prop firm, what makes them different in the online forex prop market, and also, what other traders have to say concerning them. 

This post will help you make an informed decision. Read on.

For all you need to know about the firm, profit split, faq, support and all, visit this comprehensive page containing their Profile in unsparing details.

  • Location: Dalaware, USA
  • Year of establishment/ registration; 2014
  • Number of verified traders: Not Specified
  • Broker: 8cap

Savius Challenge Program

Savius Trading Prop Firm allows traders to partake in two challenges, which are;

  •  Savius Limitless Challenge
  • Savius Limitless pro challenge

You have the opportunity to take part in and demonstrate your trading skill in the Savius Limitless and Savius Limitless PRO challenges for a chance to open an account with up to $250,000 in capital.

There are six stages to the two challenges that you must finish. You must show off your trading skills during each of these stages while at all times following Savius’ instructions for money management.

Savius Limitless

There are four segments in this challenge where you can demonstrate your trading skills. You must demonstrate during the challenge that you can adhere to the rules for managing capital.

The price for this challenge is one-time, the number of trade days allowed is capped at 10, and the duration of this stage is 30 days.

Savius Limitless Pro challenge

There are six segments in this challenge. For endless pro, ten trade days are the maximum. It is acceptable to hold trades over the weekend, overnight, and throughout a news release.

Savius Limited Stage 1
Starting capital: $ 50,000
Max drawdown: $ 3,000 (6%)
Profit Target: $ 3,000 (6%)
Minimum trading days: 10
Minimum number of trades: 10
Consistency: 50%
Leverage:see table
Overweek: NO
Overnight: YES
Trading on news: YES
Time limit: 30 days

Savius Limited Pro Stage 2
Starting capital: $ 50,000
Max drawdown: $ 4,000 (8%)
Profit Target: $ 3,500 (7%)
Minimum trading days: 10
Minimum number of trades: 10
Consistency: 50%
Leverage:see table
Overweek: YES
Overnight: YES
Trading on news: YES
Time limit: 30 days

For a detailed breakdown of the two packages, click here.

What Makes Savius Different From Other Prop Firms?

Savius is one of the very few Prop Firms to offer Real Capital beyond the verification stage. Monthly gains are paid out to funded accounts. You are not at all responsible for losses. Also, Savius only permits traders to employ proprietary development Expert Advisor.

Third-party EA’s that have been downloaded, purchased, or obtained from other means are not permitted.

Savius Proprietary firm uses the Eightcap platform for all trading activities

Click here to see the list of prop firms that allow Copy Trading.

Savius Education

Savius Prop firm offer education to their traders to help them know more about Forex Trading. They also have their presence on social media platforms. Savius on;

Linkedin with 210 followers

facebook with 568 followers

Savius Maximum Drawdown

The maximum DD is determined by using top equity and is a form of “trailing” drawdown. An initial balance of $50,000, for instance, indicates that I would fail the test at $48,000.

My lowest cutoff would be 53k if the balance increases to 55k.

 Traders Comment On Savius Prop Firm

Before you start trading with any prop firm, it is important to research and know the strength and weaknesses therein. You can do this by checking platforms like Trustpilot.

Here is what Traders have to say about Savius Prop firm.  Although only two traders wrote their testimony in English.

Danson Koh
May 19, 2022

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
Very good customer service when doing step 1 challenge. (Daniele)

Able to assist to adhere to my request of getting back the same account number as the EAlicense is tagged to the account number.

It’s a very good platform.

I will provide further further once I passed Step 3 challenge and gotten the profit as whoever are looking at this comment will be skeptical about this prop firm.

As long as I receive profit, it should be good to go for other players to ease your mind 🙂

Mario la Rocca
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
Aug 4, 2022

Customer service TOP LEVEL

Savius Contact


Savius, prop firm has produced Traders since 2014 and still is on the lookout to finance industry talent. with the goal is to equip small group of Traders with everything they require to make trading a legitimate career. Unfortunately the firm has only two reviews written in English, i advice you go over their packages thoroughly and select which ever one suits you best.

I wish you a hitch free trading with Savius.


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