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The Leveled Up Society is a prop firm that offers teader a $1,000,000 optimal balance, a mouth watering 85% profit split, and a soothing fortnightly payout option, Leveled Up Society is one of the new names making big waves in the prop industry.

This Post Contains Everything You Need to Know About Leveled up Society Prop Firm, Including: How To Apply to Become a Leveled up Society Trader, Their Challenge and Verification Process, Profit Split, Max Allocated Drawdown, and Answers to Some of The Most Popular Questions.


Leveled Up Society – Who They Are and What They Do?

With traders up to 43,323 across 86 countries around the world, Leveled Up Society offers a soothing trading platform for both learner and expert traders that allows them to learn and take their trading prowess to a whole new level. You could be a part of those new-level riders if you have what it takes.

So what does it take? Having a funded account. That’s it!

Let’s take a look at how to achieve that in the next section.

How do I get funded by Leveled Up Society?

Joining the Leveled Up community is as easy as it comes. You are only required to pass a 2-stage evaluation process

You can trade up to 1,000,000 dollars in our paper trading environment. First of all, to ascertain that you are a trader as skilled as you represent, you are required to pass a 2-level evaluation procedure. And here’s how that works:

  1. You are required to purchase a demo account for whichever account size you wish to trade with
  2. You are expected to trade within the stipulated rules that bind such an account.

Verify your trading skill, ability, discipline, and understanding of the market by completing these 2 stages without breaking any of the rules, and you will be compensated with a funded account and regardless of whatever account size you operate, you have the opportunity of scaling up to $1,000,000!

Leveled-Up How do I get Funded?
Leveled-Up How do I get Funded?

Leveled Up Society Evaluation Level 1

For Level 1, traders are expected to make an 8% profit target with 5% maximum daily loss and 8% maximum total loss in a 30-days trading period. Traders may meet the stipulated goals before the set duration lapses, but must spend at least 10 days in trading this level.

A trader who meets all those goals without breaking any trading rules advances to Level 2 which offers a different set of challenges.

Leveled Up Society Evaluation Level 2

For level 2, traders having proven their profitable trading skills in Level 1 are expected to make just a 5% profit target in 60 days with the same 5% maximum daily loss and 8% maximum total loss from Level still to be maintained. This is to put the trader’s risk management and market discipline to test and ascertain their eligibility to trade for them.

A trader who meets all those goals without breaking any trading rules is leveled up to the funded account without any more further ado!

Things get a lot more easier once you’re leveled up into the Funded account, things get a lot more easier with indefinite days to trade with no restrictions, a maximum 8% maximum total loss still to be maintained alongside a 5% maximum daily loss

Leveled-Up Challenge and Account Pricing
Leveled-Up Challenge and Account Pricing

Leveled Up Society Account Sizes

Leveled Up offers 6 account sizes with various prices that suits the pockets of whoever intends to join their trading community.

We examine their account pricing in the next section.

Leveled Up Society Funded Account Pricing

Below is how much it cost to get a funded account with the Leveled Up Society prop firm

  • A $5,000 account comes at a cost of $100
  • A $10,000 account comes at a cost of $175
  • A $25,000 account comes at a cost of $320
  • A $50,000 account comes at a cost of $430
  • A $100,000 account comes at a cost of $659
  • A $200,000 account comes at a cost of $1250

What is Leveled Up Society Profit Split?

Leveled Up Society offers one of the highest profit split/payout among the online prop firm. They offer an impressive 85% profit split. The trader keeps 85% of the total profit made while the company takes 15%..

They said it better in their own words:

-Leveled-Up Profit Split
-Leveled-Up Profit Split

What Are Leveled Up Society Trading Rules?

  • Phase 1’s profit goal is 8%, whereas Phase 2’s profit goal is 5%. There are no profit targets for funded accounts.
  • The daily loss cap for all account sizes is 5%.
  • All account sizes have a maximum loss of 8%, and if this limit is reached, the trader’s account will be closed.
  • Both Level 1 and Level 2 require that a trader trades for a minimum of 10 minimum days. However, this is non applicable to their funded accounts.
  • The maximum trading days for Level 1 is 30 days while a trader is expected to trade for 60 days in Level 2, both of which do not apply to the Funded account.

Is Leveled Up Society A Scam Prop Firm?

Incorporated in 2022, Leveled Up hasn’t has the luxury of time to build a reputation that adequately competes with the top guys in the prop industry. But is Leveled Up a scam prop firm? There is only one way to find out, and that is by getting the words those who have traded with them. We do that in the next section below:

Leveled Up Society Reviews – what are Traders saying?

So after all that has has been said and read, what are other traders saying about trading with Leveled Up? Do they live up to the tin? Their reviews on Trust Pilot holds the response. So, a quick trip to Trust Pilot shall we?

Leveled Up Society Review
Leveled Up Society Review

Leveled Up Society FAQs

Here are a few carefully chosen FAQs from Leveled Up Society’s website in an effort to give you more information about the organization. Enjoy!

We accept traders from all around the world who are at least 18 years old. We will guide you in the following understanding trading and  proper risk management, we care most about your success.

After completing our evaluation process which includes level 1 and level 2, you have now shown your skillset and are part  of our Elite Leveled Up Society

Leveled Up Society is the best forex program due to them keeping forex simple by offering professionals a community to grow.

An Leveled Up Society account gives you an opportunity to leverage your processional goals by completing our two step evaluation.

What happens if I breach the rules?

In order to become an Leveled Up Society you have to complete our evaluation process by passing level 1 and level 2. Our level 1 consist of making 10% in 30 days. Within these 30 Days you have a  max daily loss of 5% and a max total lost of 10% at any given point in time these negative targets are breached will cause an account to be invalidated. If you manage to remain profitable but don’t reach the level 1 target you are eligible for another opportunity to complete level 1.

Our level 2 consist of achieving  5% in 60 days. Within these 60 Days you have a  max daily loss of 5% and a max total lost of 10% at any given point in time these negative targets are breached will cause an account to be invalidated. If you manage to remain profitable but don’t reach the level 2 target you are eligible for another opportunity to complete level 2.

A successful completion of both stages earns you the status of being an Elite Leveled Up Society Member

  • Trading Technology

Leveled up offers two trading platforms for their traders to trade on, and both platforms are quite renowned in the prop industry; the MT4 and MT5.

Leveled-Up Trading Technology
Leveled-Up Trading Technology
  • Education

Leveled Up does offers a Newsletter option on their website and interesting traders can subscribe to their weekly newsletter with your email.

  • Payment Requirement

 To request for withdrawals, traders are expected to submit an invoice by emailing support@leveledupsociety.com. When the request is received, the trader’s account and trading gets reviewed to validate their eligibility and process their payout.

Withdrawal Request Eligibility Requirements

The condition for a First Payout is slightly different in that a trader must have traded for an active period of 30 days. Subsequent payments only require 14 days of profitable trading.

For payments to be requested, both the first and subsequent payments, all trades must be properly closed with no positions or orders left opened.

  • Payout Methods

They payout their customers through either BTC, ETH or Bank Transfer

  • Scaling Plan

Leveled Up offers a quarterly scaling plan that compensates diligent and profitable funded traders. All a trader needs to do is trade profitably for 2 out of 3 months and they a 25% increment on their initial account balance. With this opportunity of 25% increment coming 4 times in a year, regardless of whichever account you start with, you can be leveling up to the thousands by the close of the year!

  • Dashboard

Leveled Up society provides traders with a detailed dashboard that is easy to navigate. What’s more? The dashboard contains the trading rules and goals you are to maintain as you engage in various trades so as not breach any of the rules you are to uphold. You can have a quick glance at their dashboard below:

  • Contact

You can contact them via e-mail and a live chat on their website on Monday to Friday, or visit their office at Leveled Up Couse Inc 3500 NW 114th Ave STE 215, Doral, FL 33178

You can Visit their website here for more details


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