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Traderseed Proprietary Firm is a trading platform that offers a multi-level trading challenge with objectives to complete, Every level you complete earns you money. The payment increases as the level rises!



About Traderseed

Traderseed is an independent trading firm established in 2019 as a white label partner of the leading prop firm FTMO. Traderseed is seeking to give skilled traders the chance to demonstrate their trading abilities and pave way for themselves in the forex market using their firm as a platform.

What Makes Traderseed Different from Other Firms

just like other prop firms have their peculiarities and what makes them standout in the forex market,Traders is not an exemption. Here is why they are different;

  • Low cost; Compared to trading with other Prop Firms, Traderseed programs are far more affordable. Excellent for both new and seasoned traders. Programs begin at $75!
  • Instant funding; you Receive payment for your very first challenge trade. In fact, if you succeed in your first challenge, you receive a complete return.

  • Big payouts; The Traderseed program is designed to give you big payouts in return. Earn up to 30x the price that you paid to join the program.

Instant credentials; Upon purchasing, challenge credentials are immediately sent. Absolutely no waiting. When an opportunity arises, you can quickly enter the markets.

Traderseed Program / Challenge

The Traderseed program challenge has four levels each on, the 20X, 30X, 20x aggressive challenge. And you will be paid for finishing each one, Your initial cost will have been doubled by 20 if you have passed all 4! However, you start receiving payments after the first level, thus you are not required to complete all 4.

Traderseed 20x Challenge

With the 20x Challenge, you receive payment from the very first account you trade because it is an instant funding program. In fact, if you succeed in the first task, your fee is entirely repaid.

The 20x Challenge was created with a defined account size, a fixed profit target, and fixed risk objectives to be as similar to trading with a prop business as possible.

How does the 20X challenge work?

Step 1; Complete the objectives and receive the level 1 payout in cash.

Step 2; Complete the tasks to earn the level 2 cash reward.

Step 3; Complete the tasks to earn the level 3 cash reward.

Step 4; If you accomplish the goals and get the level 4 reward in cash, you can restart the program for free.

Traderseed 20x Challenge Objective

Each level consists of a single task with a set of identical goals. As long as you haven’t reached a loss cap and finish the challenge in the black, you have 30 days to complete each level and can restart it for free.

No minimum number of trading days is necessary. As soon as you reach the profit goal, you advance to the next level. Any trading method or approach is acceptable, but you must adhere to their maximum lot size restrictions.

A trading program unlike any other is The 30x Quest. There are 5 levels, each with unique profit and risk goals as well as account sizes.

Payouts begin at stage 2, and finishing the program will return 30 times your investment! Improve your trading abilities, gain experience trading larger accounts.

How does the 30X challenge work?

Step 1;  start up with level 1, Complete the objectives and move on to Level 2

Step 2; Complete the tasks to earn the level 2 cash reward.

Step 3 & 4; Trade the level 3 challenge, Complete the tasks to earn the level 3 &4 cash reward.

Step 5; Complete the tasks to earn the level 5 reward in cash.

Traderseed 30x Challenge objective

Each level consists of a single challenge with unique goals and account sizes. As long as you haven’t reached a loss cap and finish the challenge in the black, you have 30 days to complete each level and can restart it for free. Restarts at no cost are limitless. No minimum number of trading days is necessary.


Traderseed Aggressive 20X challenge

For traders that understand leverage and know how to use it effectively in the markets, the Aggressive 20x Challenge is a highly sought-after program. Since there are no constraints, this program is for you if you feel you can manage the responsibility of prudent risk management.

How does Traderseed aggressive 20x  challenge work?

Step 1-4; Trade stage 1-4 , complete the  objectives and receive payouts

Step 5; Complete the tasks to earn the level 5

Traderseed 30x challenge objective

Traderseed maximum lot size

The maximum lot size restrictions are in place to guarantee that Traderseed encourage prudent and reliable risk management. Please refrain from opening positions greater than the lot sizes listed below, regardless of the trading method you choose to employ.

The 20X Challenge and 30X Quest use the Maximum Lot sizes listed below.

  •  They stand for your trading’s maximum lot size per $100,000.Therefore, you can multiply these sums by 5 if you trade with a 500k account.
  • While you are free to open as many positions as you want, please ensure that the total lot size that is open at any given time does not exceed the values in the table below.

Please take note that the total risk permitted open on the account is 4 open lots in the FX markets. Then, you are unable to open 8 Lots on ETH, 10 Lots of US $500, and so forth.
It’s preferable to choose only one option if you want to keep things simple.

Traderseed Review

Traderseed FAQ’s

What are the minimum trading days?

There are no minimum trading days requirements. You move to the next level as soon as you hit the profit target.

How do the payouts work?

Payouts are paid in cash. As soon as you complete a challenge level, you get paid out and can start trading the next level up immediately.

What is the payout process?

Your level 1 payout will be made up of a refund of your entry money for the sake of simplicity. The firm offers bank transfer, paypal, and cryptocurrency payout options for level 2 payouts and higher.

Please be aware that you must present government-issued identification (a driver’s license, passport, or ID card) and proof of address in order to receive level 2 rewards and above.

All accounts are traded on Metatrader 4. You can use both the desktop and mobile applications.

With the same profit target and risk objectives for each stage, the 20x Challenge is a four-part, rapid funding challenge. The 30x Quest is a five-part challenge that has various account sizes, profit goals, and risk objectives at each stage.

Traderseed Contact 

Organization Website

Traderseed industries

Financial Markets

Headquarters Location

Traderseed Employees Size

1-10 employees


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