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Alphachain is one of the leading prop firms in the forex market as of today, established in 2017 in london, Trading with Alphachain is very Profitable as traders can currently receive funding up to $40,000 at first, scaling up to $1,000,000 at full allocation! They provide a 1:100 leverage ratio, an astounding 1 year to reach the profit goal, and a 50% profit split!

  • Location: london
  • Year of establishment: 2017
  • Licenses/ Company registration:  11112250
  • Number of verified traders: 540
  • Trading Platform: MetaTrader4


Alphachain Capital Registration Certificate
Alphachain Capital Registration Certificate

Alphachain Package/ Rules

The Alphachain proprietary firm, offer two packages, which is the Evaluation and Instant funding program.

The Evaluation path requires you to begin trading with a small account size (between $5,000 and $10,000) before expanding it after you have attained your objective. However, you can start with a greater account amount right away and start making money from your gains if you choose the Instant Funding (15 and 20k) option.

Click here for a list of prop firms that offer a direct funding Model.

With a 10% profit target, 10%  maximum drawdown, 5% maximum weekly risk, 1:100 leverage, overnight holding allowed, and a scaling program, the rules for the Evaluation are extremely reasonable.

Below is a breakdown of the $5K & 10k Evaluation Scaling plan Package.

$5K Evaluation Account Size Maximum Exposure (Lots) Max DD % Target %
Stage 1 $5,000 0.25 Lots 5 6
Stage 2 $20,000 1 Lots 10 10
Stage 3 $40,000 2 Lots 10 10
Stage 4 $80,000 4 Lots 10 10
Stage 5 $160,000 8 Lots 10 10
Stage 6 $320,000 16 Lots 10 10
Stage 7 $640,000 32 Lots 10 10
Stage 8 $1,280,000 64 Lots 10 10

The $10k Evaluation Scaling Plan

$10K Evaluation Account Size Maximum Exposure (Lots) Max DD % Target %
Stage 1 $10,000 0.5 lots 5 6
Stage 2 $40,000 2 lots 10 10
Stage 3 $80,000 4 lots 10 10
Stage 4 $160,000 8 lots 10 10
Stage 5 $320,000 16 lots 10 10
Stage 6 $640,000 32 lots 10 10
Stage 7 $1,280,000 64 lots 10 10

AlphaChain Instant Funding

The instant funding is fantastic, if you are not a profitable trader you still won’t be making constant profits. Therefore, please don’t expect that just by completing the task to get funded, you will automatically be funded; you still need to be consistent to earn. Take a look at the breakdown blow.

$15k Instant Funding Scaling Plan


$10K Evaluation Account Size Maximum Exposure (Lots) Max DD % Target %
Stage 1 $15,000 0.5 lots 5 6
Stage 2 $30,000 2 lots 10 10
Stage 3 $60,000 4 lots 10 10
Stage 4 $120,000 8 lots 10 10
Stage 5 $240,000 16 lots 10 10
Stage 6 $480,000 32 lots 10 10
Stage 7 $960,000 64 lots 10 10

The $20k Instant funding Model


1$10K Evaluation Account Size Maximum Exposure (Lots) Max DD % Target %
Stage 1 $20,000 1 lots 10 10
Stage 2 $40,000 2 lots 10 10
Stage 3 $80,000 4 lots 10 10
Stage 4 $160,000 8 lots 10 10
Stage 5 $320,000 16 lots 10 10
Stage 6 $640,000 32 lots 10 10
Stage 7 $1,280,000 64 lots 10 10

What Differentiate Alphachain Form Other Forex Trading Firm?

AlphaChain offers the most comprehensive array of tradeable assets out of all prop trading companies. Commodities, equity indices, and major foreign exchange markets are all accessible for trading,  After your application has been accepted, you will be provided the full list of approved marketplaces.

Also, AlphaChain forbids the application of EAs to financed accounts. Popular EAs bought from markets have no real-world experience and cannot be adjusted to take into account the present state of the market, which puts the company in danger. However, you might be permitted to utilize an EA that you developed yourself. If you have any questions for EAs, please email

Alphachain Scaling Plan

Alphachain profit split is 50% of whatever profits you generate over your starting sum. To obtain your portion of the profits, you must reach your 10% goal.

Is Alphachain prop firm Legit or scam?

The Alphachain Investment Program is a fantastic choice for traders who want to quickly increase their trading accounts and accept additional funding.  However, Given that the firm is still growing, i cant exactly state if they are legit or not. However lets see if they pass the test of time.

Alphachain Education?

Prop traders can benefit from a range of Funded Trader Programs offered by AlphaChain to help them succeed with the Zero Payment Plan. The funded trading courses provide comprehensive training in a range of financial markets, including day trading, forex, and cryptocurrencies.

During the three-month program, you will be provided with a Live account to trade with. The list of programs is below;


This course exposes traders to back testing, trade planning, and strategy creation are some of the practical course requirements. You will then be given a strategy assignment to complete as part of the program, where you must show off the skills you learned while working on the project.


During the three-month immersive and organized vocational training program is offered under the name Global Trader, Traders are offered a one-of-a-kind chance to get extensive expertise and real-world experience trading actual capital in a top proprietary trading firm.


This course has a £3,420 cost charge. You will have access to a comprehensive training program that shows you how to develop, test, and employ unique indicators and algorithmic trading strategies in trading.

Alphachain Trading instruments/ platform

AlphaChain offers the most comprehensive array of tradeable assets out of all prop trading companies. Commodities, equity indices, and major foreign exchange markets are all accessible for trading. After your application has been accepted, you will be provided the full list of approved marketplaces.

What does traders have to say about Alphachain

To further confirm if the Alphachain prop firm is legit, lets take a look what what traders are saying on Trustpilot.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
6 days ago

Good programme for any experience level
I’ve just completed the Crypto Algorithmic Trading programme and found it to be a very positive experience. I did already have a decent level of trading knowledge and I was still able to gain a lot of new knowledge from completing the course. I believe the programme would be useful for novices and experienced traders alike. The training staff (Gavin, Pedro and Ron) are always available to assist and answer any questions. The online material is comprehensive and risk management is thoughtfully applied to give the trader every chance of success.

Umba Nyamololo
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
7 days ago

Excellent Programme
I ‘ve just finished the algorithmic trader programme, now I’m becoming a funded trader. The programme is excellent, it combines theory, practice, webinars, weekly market analysis etc. At the beginning I had no idea about algo trading, now my knowledge has expanded. Whenever I had a question of comprehension, the head of trading academy Gavin Pannu was there to help, thank you. Sincerely Iam pleased with this training.

Maria Sonia-Rose
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
Jul 12, 2022

1 Month Forex Trading Program
I completed the 1 Month Forex Trading Program and I honestly can’t fault it, this was my first time doing an online course and I didn’t have any prior trading experience at all which made it a lot more intense but the structure and support network were brilliant and I have now passed with a grade of 85! So this can only sing praises to Gavin’s solid learning material. Along with the very detailed and informative webinars hosted by Pedro! Very talented teachers and solid role models for any aspiring trader, regardless of background. Honestly well done guys.

Rated 1 out of 5 stars
Updated 18 hours ago

I had an interview that had been arranged in response to my application for the position of Global Trader that was advertised in the Glassdoor job recruitment website.

I just concluded the rather brief “so called” interview, which was, as it turns out, merely a chat.

It was a young chap trying to get me to buy a training package, costing £3400 before any commitment to being funded as a trader was even possible. That’s OK, given that they need to ensure that they don’t lose money that they will apparently provide for the trading account. The fact is that they were actually selling an educational service rather than filling a position that they had advertised on the Glassdoor recruitment agency jobpost, which was not mentioned in the “JOB” advert. Thus, it was advertised falsely. I mentioned this to the interviewer, but he merely blew it off.

I asked about where they are located. And, even though they show videos of a location with people sitting at their desks with multiple computers, which they are openly using to advertise their business, the interviewer said everything is entirely remotely done. They use a number of these people to provide their views on the program and the company in a number of videos that they provided after I had submitted my “job” application. He said that this was before, but they are still using these videos to advertise their “educational program”. So, again, I mentioned that this was false advertising. He blew it off. So, why they are lying again? There are rules against this kind of dishonest behaviour.

The person conducting the interview, one Mr Sandeep Singh, said that I cannot meet anyone before paying for the course and that there is no location at all, even though they are advertising as such. He flatly refused that there was anywhere that I could meet him, or anyone else from their firm, before committing to the course by paying them up-front and solely based on an online advert and some limited reviews on Trustpilot. It immediately felt like a scam.

I felt that Mr Sandeep Singh was evasive and wanted to cut short the chat as soon as possible, because he didn’t want to answer my questions, and maybe because I was pushing him for answers before giving him my hard-earned money without any assurances from him. And, I even mentioned that I wanted assurances. He blew this request off too. Although, he kept saying that he wanted to use this “chat” to see if I was the right fit. He said that they were transparent, but it seemed quite the opposite. He wasn’t being transparent at all. In fact, as I found out later, noted below, Alphachain Traders is not even registered under Companies House (Cardiff, UK). That is the first point of contact for information about any legally registered company in the UK. Check it out.

He was not professional at all in this “fake” interview.

By the way, he was recording the zoom meeting.

I’ve checked the Financial Conduct Authority list of regulated companies, and found the “Alphachain Traders” are NOT registered with them. It’s easy to check on the FCA website.

However, I do know that Alphachain has to be registered with the “Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II (MiFID II).

I checked Companies House (Cardiff) and found that NO company named “Alphachain Traders” existed at all, while I did find two that are registered under Alphachain Academy (with No reviews under Trust Pilot), and Alphachain Capital. Both are led by the same person, who is also the “CEO” for the Alphachain Traders, Adam Haeems.

When looking up Alphachain Academy and Capital, there are many photos of a training and trading location that are provided. So, why would Mr Singh overtly lie to me when I asked him about a location? Something fishy?

So, the question to ask is, why are they not advertising as Alphachain Academy, given that they are selling educational services?

An investigation of their position is necessary to prevent people from being scammed.

Tej Patel
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
Jun 27, 2022

The three key takeaways from working…
The three key takeaways from working with them for some time now are:

1. The training structure that prepares anyone from someone who has never done trading before to the point of them getting consistent returns.
2. The ability to communicate with anyone from the company, including the CEO.
3. The flexibility of creating my own work schedule.

Con: Commison-based pay. Not really a con if this is what you’re looking into

As you can see, the rating is really high and demonstrates that traders are satisfied with the services offered by Alphachain!

Alphachain Social media accounts

Alphachain also have their presence across all social media platform, get connected with them for daily  information. Alphachain on;

Linkedin with 20.3k followers

Instagram with 4.83k followers

Facebook with 301 followers


Without an iota of doubt, AlphaChain prop firm is one of the legit prop firms in the forex market, offering mouth watering Trading packages with risk management to assist traders in case of any trading mishaps or difficulty. Asides that, the firm also provides traders with educational programs which would in turn play a huge role in making them into giants in the forex world.

For support /Contact

  • HQ – 43 Berkeley Square, Mayfair, London, W1J 5AP
  • 020 7097 3984
  • If you like to sign up and commence your prop career with AlphaChain , Please click here to go to the AlphaChain Official Website  :

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