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TraderSeed is a private trading company founded in 2019 as a partner of the renown leading FTMO. Now they’re an independent firm saddled with a strong mission to create a low cost alternative to trading by offering significant payouts for a fraction of a subscription fee.

This post features an unbiased review of traderseed; their plans, packages, what makes them different and an unbiased concluding verdict.

  • Location: Dublin
  • Year of establishment: 2019
  • Licenses and registration: unspecified
  • Number of verified traders: unspecified
  • Trading Platform : MetaTrader4

TraderSeed Account Package

Traderseed have three major packages, namely: the 20X, 30X, and 20x challenge aggressive 

The 20X Challenge

The 20x Challenge is an instant funding scheme. That means you will be trading a live account from day 1. The challenge has 4 levels, each with its stipulated targets featuring a fixed 10% profit target, maximum 5% daily loss and maximum 10% overall loss.

The 20x challenge is in two kinds: the 20×100 and the 20×200



If you accomplish the goals and get the level 4 reward in cash, you can restart the program for free.

How does the 20X challenge work?
Step 1; Complete the objectives and receive the level 1 payout in cash.

Step 2; Complete the tasks to earn the level 2 cash reward.

Step 3; Complete the tasks to earn the level 3 cash reward.

Step 4; If you accomplish the goals and get the level 4 reward in cash, you can restart the program for free.

Traderseed 30X Challenge

How does the 30X challenge work?

Step 1;  start up with level 1, Complete the objectives and move on to Level 2

Step 2; Complete the tasks to earn the level 2 cash reward.

Step 3 & 4; Trade the level 3 challenge, Complete the tasks to earn the level 3 &4 cash reward.

Step 5; Complete the tasks to earn the level 5 reward in cash.

Stage 2 is when payouts start, and completing the program will give you back 30 times your initial investment! Your trading skills will improve as you acquire experience trading greater accounts.

TraderSeed 30X Challenge Objective

A single challenge with distinct objectives and account sizes makes up each stage. You have 30 days to finish each level and can redo it for free as long as you haven’t surpassed a loss cap and finish the challenge in the black. Unlimited free restarts are available. There is no required minimum number of trading days.


TraderSeed 20X Aggressive Challenge

The Aggressive 20x Challenge is a highly sought-after program for traders who comprehend leverage and know how to apply it successfully in the markets. If you believe you can handle the burden of sensible risk management because there are no restrictions, this program is for you.

Each level is a one-part challenge with the same objectives. You have 30 days to complete each level, and you can restart it for free as long as you don’t exceed the loss limit and complete the challenge in profit. Unlimited free restarts are available. There are no minimum trading days requirements, no trading style restrictions, and no lot size restrictions. When you reach the profit target, you advance to the next level.

What makes TraderSeed different from other prop firms? 

8 basic things make traderseed different from other prop firms:

  1. Low subscription fee which is very pocket friendly
  2. The rare opportunity if instant funding and instant cash-out right from the first challenge
  3. Big payouts up to twenty folds of the subscription payment
  4. Instant challenge credentials.
  5. MT4 EAs are allowed
  6. Weekend trading is NOT prohibited

Is TraderSeed prop firm Legit?

Yes! Emphatic Yes! Traderseed is legit and fast-rising with an impressive 4.8/5 stars rating with 90% of their reviews on trustpilot labelled excellent.

You can barely go wrong with Traderseed if you have indeed mastered your trading art.

Traderseed Reviews on Trustpilot

Here are a few reviews of their traders on Trustpilot

Clifton Gregory
Rated 4 out of 5 stars
Aug 8, 2022

Straightforward and easy sign-up
The process was really easy and straightforward. I did have a few questions about lot sizes but the email that contained my credentials had a link to that information. I look forward to a continued relationship!

badi psg

Aug 8, 2022

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Everything is great except for the…
Everything is great except for the payment. I hope you add crypto

Thomas Byrum
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
Jul 28, 2022 is the absolute best… is the absolute best place to acquire the skills one needs to be successful in the financial markets. You will get the chance to trade large amounts of capital and get rewarded for your success at the same time . Kerian is very professional and answers any and all questions you may have.

itzhak Malka
Rated 4 out of 5 stars
Jul 20, 2022

The tutorials combine challenges…
The tutorials combine challenges similar to other companies but unique in the low pay to them and from them creates a good idea to practice before going to the big challenges.

Adil Dean
Rated 4 out of 5 stars
Jul 7, 2022

I have only been on for 1…
I have only been on for 1 week thus far. So I have not reached the stage to make any withdrawals or progress, however, I had some questions I needed answered and the responses I got was quite quick and helpful. The responses were personal in nature and not as though I was speaking to an automated system or as though I was customer 12344. So for customer service thus far I would say excellent.

As for the trading platform and the amount of assets available for trading, it’s extensive and more than sufficient for me.

Once I am able to pass the challenges and proceed to each round I will update my review

Need another aid to help you understand traderseed’s trading policy? Check out this video below from their Youtube the founder’s Youtube channel, Kieran|Traderseed.


Having doubts about traderseed? Squash it! And go all out to trade with them.

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