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BluFx Proprietary Firm

Blufx Prop is a UK-based prop firm that officially launched in 2015 and one of the fast-growing no-evaluation prop firms. If you have questions about Blufx activities or want to confirm if they are legit or scam ventures to run from, then you are on the right page. Stay close as I walk you through every detail you need to know about Blufx.

Kindly read through to find all the information you need to know about BLUFX – blufx reviews, trading technology, verification, payouts proofs, profit split, subscription, authenticity, and other frequently asked questions about blufx prop firm.


Blue FX
Blue FX Prop Firm

Blu Fx – Who They Are and What They Do? 

BluFx is an elite prop company with the core goal to help traders easily and quickly climb the forex market ladder and are still seeking for skilled traders to manage their accounts. The company is led by Yu Song, a successful trader himself and boast of amazing plans and packages that allow traders to manage up to $1,000,000 trading capital.

Seven years after starting operations, Blufx has maintained an unwavering focus on success. Instead of conducting challenges and demo account trials for traders like FTMO and other prop firms do, Blufx requires prospective traders to pay a subscription fee so that they can confirm their intentionality, readiness, and proper stimulation that something is in fact at stake, as well as submit their verification paperwork. Then they offer traders immediate funding.

This is one of the reasons why Blufx is listed among the top no evaluation prop firms in the world. In search of a prop company to trade for? BluFx might be the ideal choice for you.


Is Blufx Genuine?

Wondering if you should choose Blufx? From various investigations, reviews on social media, Trustpilot, and other social feedback, we can categorically say Blufx is a genuine proprietary firm. BluFx has over 20,000 traders worldwide and is a recognized prop firm.

In addition to the numerous flawless trader reviews on their website. You may scroll down to the Review segment to read what traders are saying about them.

View Blufx Official Website

BluFx Packages  (Account Sizes.)

Blufx currently offers 2 varieties of packages for their traders viz: Lite and PRO packages, with each package having two sub-varieties.

The Lite Package has two types of accounts at various prices:

  • The Mini-lite package of $10,000 capital costs $99
  • The Swap-free Mini-Lite package of $10,000 capital costs $129
  • The Lite package of $25,000 capital costs $159
  • The Swap-free Mini-Lite package of $10,000 capital costs $129

The PRO Package has two types of accounts at various price:

  • The PRO package of $50,000 capital costs $369
  • The Swap-free PRO package of $50,000 capital costs $489
  • The Super PRO package of $100,000 capital costs $1099
  • The Swap-free Super PRO package of $100,000 capital costs $1239


Blufx Trading Rules

  1. Traders are to avoid hitting the 10% drawdown on all accounts
  2. Lite package traders are only allowed to trade from 6am-9pm UTC although PRO account traders can trade for 24hours.
  3. Joint hedging is disallowed on all accounts

Blue FX Withdrawal Target

When the account amount is at least 5% higher than the initial balance and their subscription is still active, traders are allowed to withdraw their portion of the profit. The fact that there is no cap or restriction on the number of withdrawals that may be made each week is another advantage BluFx provides.


How Do I Get Funded By BluFx?

There are only three steps involved to get funded as a starter and to commence trading for BluFx. The steps include the following:

  • Step 1

Enter your full name, email address, and password when registering.

You’ll have access to your dashboard after doing this.

  • Step 2

Select a funded currency account and make your subscription payment.

You’ll then enter your billing information, submit identification and address documentation, and sign the subscription agreement.

You will get a confirmation email once the compliance staff has confirmed your documents. It is important to note that this procedure could take several hours.

  • Step 3

Once verified, all you have to do to get started trading is log in to your dashboard, go to the “My BluFX” section on the left-hand side, and click the CTRADER download link.

What’s the BluFx Trader Profit Split?

Blufx offers a 50% profit split on all their accounts. However, you can check out prop firms that offer a lot more in the link below:


BluFx Trader Reviews

What do people say about BluFx?

BluFx has a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars on the Trustpilot review site with 425 reviews and counting. Below are some of the reviews.

To read an in depth and unbiased reviews of Blu Fx and what other prop traders have to say, please read this post >> Blufx Review


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Below are some of the commonly asked questions about Blu Fx.

  • What currency pairs am I allowed to trade?

Traders may only trade on major and minor pairs. Any of the following currencies may be traded as pairs: CHF, USD, GBP, EUR, JPY, CAD, AUD, NZD, XAU.

You can trade any of 28 major and minor currency pairs plus Gold

  • Are there any country restrictions?

BluFx does not place restrictions on traders geographically as they have traders from over 20 countries. It is only up to the trader to make sure of compliance with local regulations.

  • What is the most beneficial part of trading with BluFX?

The BluFX project is unique in that it allows any trader with any experience to compete for serious amounts of funding, for an amount that is lower than the typical cost of using your own money at a broker to create a track record and then seeking funds to trade serious amounts.

Most of the traders make consistent profits as a second income before becoming full time promoted traders. You can choose to grow your account or to withdraw profits.


  • How can I pay the subscription fees?

BluFx accepts subscription fee payment with a Bank Card, Bitcoin, USDT, PerfectMoney or Webmoney.

Please visit

Blufx Support

BluFx allows you to request a free trial so you may get acquainted with their platform, trading guidelines, practice, refine your abilities, enhance your methods, and overall get a sense for what trading with them is like.


BluFx runs an active chat service on their website that promptly responds to any queries. Additionally, they provide a blogging service where they offer productivity suggestions and more in-depth descriptions of how they operate. You can access their blog by clicking here

Scaling Plan

Unlike several other prop firms, Blufx offers two scaling plans for their traders, regardless of the package they are operating:

Rapid Growth Scaling Plan

At each step, make a profit of 10% more than your starting sum. In four phases, you will trade a $1 million account. To advance to the next stage, the 10% must still be in the account.

BluFx Growth Scaling Plan
BluFx Growth Scaling Plan

Steady Growth Scaling Plan

At each step, make a profit of 10% more than your starting sum. In six steps, you will be trading a $1 million account. You receive a 5% withdrawal at each step with a 50/50 profit share.


BluFx Growth Scaling Plan
BluFx Growth Scaling Plan


For more information on BluFx,  you can view their website here

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