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This post you are about to read has a detailed information of all you need to know about Prop firms with high payouts from 60% and above.

Before we get Started,Click Here to know what proprietary firms are and which of them suits your trading ability.

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Prop Firms With Payout Of 60 – 75%

Lux Trading Firm
Lux Trading prop Firm offers its traders financial assets like cryptocurrencies and the likes with deposits up to $2.5 million into each of their accounts. When a trader accomplishes a 10% target, the account is gradually upgraded until it reaches the $2.5 million cap. Traders can use evaluation accounts, which start at $5,000, to demonstrate their trading prowess, with a 75% assured Payout.

  • Free trial.
  • High capital funding up to $2.5 million.
  • No time limit on targets.
  • Weekend holding allowed.
  • Evaluation is just one phase.

All made available by Lux Trading! Click here to know more about their packages.

Prop Firms With Payout of 70 – 85%

Below are a list of prop firms that offer a 70% – 80% payout. Keep Reading

1.Surge Trader

Forex, commodities, indices, oil, virtual currencies, and equities can all be traded on SurgeTrader. SurgeTrader charges $25k for a typical prop trading account with a 75% profit split, 10% profit target, 4% daily loss, and 5% maximum trailing drawdown. Cost of this package is $250.

An intermediate account can be funded up to $50,000 for $400, a seasoned trader account can be funded up to $100,000, and an advanced trader account can be funded up to $250,000 for $1,800.

  •  75% profit split.
  • Up to $1 million trading limit.
  • Non-recurring payments to qualify for a live-funded account.
  • 1-step audition process.
  • 10% profit targets without a period to achieve it.
  • Fast withdrawal process.

2. My Forex Funds

My Forex Funds offers traders who sign up to trade with fast money, Customers can then receive bonuses in addition to profit splits of 80%. Depending on trading experience, you can choose from a variety of funding programs. The firm allows traders to sign up with little out-of-pocket expense and potentially make money while expanding their trading knowledge.

  • The account packages cover for beginner, intermediate, and pro traders.
  • Affordable evaluation costs – 25% cheaper than FTMO for the same capital level.
  • High-profit splits, instant funding, low-profit targets–8% on the first stage and 5% to proceed to a funded account.


FTUK is a Forex trading company that offers both an instant funding program and an evaluation program for you to choose from. After creating an account, you must fulfill a particular profit goal in order to increase your account balance. You receive a double up on your account amount and 50-80% profit splits for successfully completing their program.

4. Earn2Trade

An excellent and well-known prop firm, Earn2Trade offers a straightforward trading career path that carefully accommodates new traders as well as an 80% profit share as trading compensation. The company also runs an active forex education school that teaches futures and FX trading.

5. Funded Academy

A new player in the prop industry is Funded Academy, an Australian based prop company. With a maximum capital offer of $2,000,000 and an industry-leading trader profit share of 80%, it has one of the greatest capital offers in the market.

Prop Firms With Payout of 90 – 95%

Below are prop firms that offer the highest form of payout in the forex market

The 5%ers

The 5%ers don’t require trial accounts and enable you trade indices, metals, and currency with a live account right away. You can trade using an EA, copy trading, or your own trading. The payoff amount is determined by the split percentage that was previously agreed upon by the firm and the trader (often a 50%/50% split).

No payout minimums.
Traders use MetaTrader 5.

Topstep Trader

Like many other prop trading companies, Topstep assist traders in the stocks, futures, and indices markets and offers them funding, risk management techniques, and coaching to help them trade profitably. Then, traders are compensated with a substantial profit split of 80%.


Through the FTMO Challenge and Verification course, FTMO enables traders to develop their forex trading skills. Following completion of the course, traders are asked to join the proprietary trading firm and manage a trading account with the business. In addition, the firm employs performance coaches and does account analytics, among other things, to assist them once begin trading.

The default payout for all FTMO Traders is on a 80:20 ratio, however, an 80% share is not where the firm draws the line, you are also trained on how to manage risks while trading, hence FTMO is one of the leading prop firm in the forex market.

access to MT4, MT5, and CTrader trading tools.
FTMO supports trading crypto as well as forex, indices, commodities, stocks, and bonds with seven payment method available which include Bank transfer.

Funded Trader

The FTP allows traders to control their trading approach. Additionally, they allow traders the privilege of making transactions overnight, during the news, and on the weekends. The prop company gives its traders a choice between two funding programs. To know more, Click here.

The firms offers a profit Payout of 80-90%

flexible trading rules.

Mouth Watering benefits with their scaling plan, which allows traders to hold a maximum balance of up to $1,500,000 and a 80-90% profit split.

Toptier Trader

TopTierTrader is a forex company where you can trade without investing any money. It provides free coaching and a good training program to help you become a better trader. Every payment method is supported. A biweekly withdrawal is possible. You can trade news events and keep positions overnight as well with a promising 80% payout.

  • 1:100 Leverage, 1:30
  • It allows weekend and news trading

Corp Equity Capital

Corp Equity Capital was only founded a year ago (July 2021). Corp Equity Capital is a company that provides fast funding props and, at the same time, offers evaluation packages to traders who are interested.

Currently, Corp Equity Capital is providing qualified traders with enormous capital up to $5 million to manage, along with a generous profit split ratio of 90:10.

T4T Capital

Brad Gilbert, a professional trader and risk manager with more than 30 years of experience, founded T4TCapital as a brilliant solution to the significant lack of opportunities for regular people to access trader funding.

T4TCapital is a well-known and established proprietary trading firm with a diverse pool of trading talent. If a trader continuously produces a 20% profit, T4T prop firm offers a 60% and up to 80% profit split. That suggests that the first profit split for the trader is 60%, and the following profit split rises up to 70% and eventually to 80% after successful trading.

Prop Firms That Offer Payouts Below 60%

Below is a list of prop firms with payout ratio below 60%.

  1. Blufx – 50%
  2. Audacity Capital
  3. Alphachain
  4. FundyourFX


All the prop firms listed above have a mouth watering payout percentage, it is let for you to choose which ever Prop Firm that best Suit your Trading ability. while making your choice also look out for prop firms that offer risk management.

Please Note, I listed only but a few prop firms that offer Payouts ranging from 65% and above, you too can make your research to know more.


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