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The Local Trade Copier for the Metatrader 4 and 5 trading platforms is the quickest and easiest trade copier with a one-minute setup. By using Local Trade Copier Portfolio, you can integrate trades from different master accounts into a single account.

This post you are about to read has a detailed information about Local Trade Copier Mt4. At the end of this post, you will get to  know everything about Local Trade Copier, The features,  Local Trade Copier Tool, pricing and the trader reviews. 

Local Trade Copier
Local Trade Copier

About The Local Trade Copier.

Local Trade Copier allows you to duplicate your profitable trades across your MT4/MT5 accounts in which way you can enhance and increase your earnings dramatically without extra stress or mental work. Local Trade Copier is hence one of the best available softwares that efficiently fulfills the whole idea of copytrading.

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Local Trade Copier Features

The local Trade Copier has ten features all put together to assist traders who desire to copy trades. The LTC features are;

  1. Compatibility
  2. Protection
  3. Money Management
  4. Common
  5. Trade filters
  6. Deviation/slippage
  7. SL/TP Manipulation
  8. Trade signal manipulation
  9. Alerts & logs
  10. Support


  • The Local Trade copier operates on MAC, PC, and VPS servers. Any Windows PC or Windows VPS server running Metatrader 4 or 5 can use Local Trade Copier (Windows 7, 10, 11 etc.).
  •  Local Trade Copier complies with FIFO (first in- first out) regulations, making it the ideal program for US traders.
  • Any forex broker that offers the Metatrader 4 or 5 platforms can be used with Local Trade CopierT
  • Limitations: Local Trade Copier™ for MT5 works only with MetaTrader 5 hedging accounts on the server-side. It does not work with Master accounts that are MT5 Netting accounts

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  • Max Daily Loss protection: “Max Daily Loss,” or MDL for short, is an excellent feature of Local Trade Copier. It may be found in the Client EA’s “Capital Protection” section. You can establish a daily drawdown limit using the Max Daily Loss (MDL) function, and if that limit is reached, all open trades will be closed.
  • Equity Stop function: If account equity falls below a predetermined threshold, Local Trade Copier has the ability to terminate all open deals and cease taking any new trades until it is reactivated.
  • Emergency Stop Loss: Every transaction that does not have a stop loss on the Master account can have an emergency stop loss . You still have the choice to put a stop loss on the client account if you are concerned that your master account might initiate transactions without one.

Money Management 

  • AA (Auto-Adjust to account size): The default Money Management Mode (MMM) is AA (Auto-Adjust to Account Size), which instructs the traders EA to adjust the lot size proportionally to the sizes of the master and client accounts.
  •  Same lot size as on the master account: The option labeled “Same lot size as on the master account” is straightforward to understand. The Client EA will always copy the same lot size if you select this mode.


  • Fast trade duplication: Under typical market conditions, Local Trade Copier will copy your trades in less than a second. You can modify the synchronization rate of this forex trade copier as well. You can slow down your trade mirroring if your approach solely employs pending orders. It implies that multiple Metatrader accounts can be opened on the same computer while the trade copier program uses fewer system resources.
  • Low CPU/Memory consumption : The Local Trade Copier was created to consume the least amount of CPU and memory. The trade copier EA can often run 4 Metatrader accounts on a standard VPS server.
  • VPS system specifications: The specifications are stated below:

1x CPU ~2.6Ghz
10 GB disk space
Windows Server 2008

Trade Filters

  • Limit Trade Count Per Pair: You can set a maximum number of trades that your account can make for a given pair using Local Trade Copier. You can limit trading on EUR/USD to two, GBP/USD to four, and all other pairs to unlimited transactions.
  • External indicator filter: A special function of Local Trade Copier enables the client account to filter trades by particular indicators, such as Moving Averages, Bollinger Bands, Accelerator Oscillator, and Awesome Oscillator. When such filters are activated, the Client EA won’t duplicate trades if certain requirements are not met.

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  • Copy if the price is within the range of X: You can instruct the Local Trade Copier to only copy trades when the market price on the client account falls within a predetermined range that is expressed in pip values or spreads (i.e., 5 x Spread). In the event that a trade is outside of the permitted deviation range, LTC Copier will postpone replicating it.
  • Copy at any price: Any price can be specified for the Local Trade Copier to copy deals. In this scenario, the LTC copier will always copy trades immediately and at the best price possible. If you are attempting to copy open transactions that are significantly off from the original entry price, it is a very helpful arrangement.

SL/TP Manipulation

  • Choose how you want to copy SL/TP: By default, Local Trade Copier will duplicate the same stop loss and take profit levels as on the Master account, but you can alter this behavior by removing all stops, copying trades without SL/TP, multiplying stops by X, setting a fixed stop size, and more.
  • Emergency Stop Loss: Every transaction that does not have a stop loss on the Master account can have an emergency stop loss thanks to Local Trade Copier.

Trade Signal Manipulation

  • Trade signals to accept: You have the option to disable any of the trade signals that Local Trade CopierTM receives from the Master account (open, change, close). It implies you can instruct the LTC copier to only accept “modify” or “close” signals and to reject all other signals for a given client account.
  • Ignore Specific Trades: By adding the ticket numbers of particular trades to the Client account, you can instruct the Local Trade CopierTM to ignore those trades. It is advantageous when you need Client EA to disregard one or a few specific deals for any reason.

Alerts & logs

  • Alerts: Alerts regarding errors or other significant occurrences can be sent via Local Trade CopierTM. You have the option of receiving alerts via email or push notifications on your MT4 or MT5 Mobile app.
  • Logs: Almost every activity and specific information will be printed by Local Trade CopierTM to the Experts tab (at the bottom of the Metatrader platform). You can locate all the necessary information, error justifications, lot size estimates for each spot, etc. If any deals were ignored, delayed, or not duplicated, that is a fantastic place to start looking for an explanation.


  • Tutorials, videos, and detailed instruction manuals: Step-by-step instructions, in-depth tutorials with screenshots, videos, and a quick start guide are all included with Local Trade CopierTM.Within five minutes, you can begin duplicating trades. The Local Trade CopierTM will operate with its default settings and without any special configuration. However, if you require customized setup and advanced configuration, you may find a thorough explanation of every option in the manual’s instructions.

Local Trade Copier Pricing

The Local Trade pricing differs according to the three account sizes available, which are;

  • Personal Plan
  • Manager Plan
  • VIP Plan

Local Trade Copier Personal Plan – Cost € 19

  • month (+VAT for EU buyers)Simultaneous use on 1x computer/VPS
  • Unlimited license transfer between machines
  • For unlimited master/client accounts
  • Support & Updates until canceled
  • Compatible with MT4 & MT5

Your initial charge will be €19.00. After 1 month, you will be charged €19.00 for each month until you cancel the subscription. You can also create a 7 days trial.

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Local Trade Copier Manager Plan (The Most Popular) – €59.00

  •  Month (+VAT for EU buyers)Simultaneous use on 5x computers/VPS
  • Unlimited license transfer between machines
  • For unlimited master/client accounts
  • Support & Updates until canceled
  • Compatible with MT4 & MT5
  • Group Coaching Calls (Live & Replays)
  •  Position Size Splitting
  • Martingale Mode
  • MAAB Trade Filter
  • Copy across Windows user profiles
  • Pay Monthly

Your initial charge will be €59.00. After 1 month, you will be charged €59.00 for each month until you cancel the subscription. Feel free to request a seven days trial.

Local Trade Copier VIP Plan – Cost€ 119

  • Month (+VAT for EU buyers)Simultaneous use on 15x computers/VPS
  • ostUnlimited license transfer between machines
  • For unlimited master/client accounts
  • Support & Updates until canceled
  • Compatible with MT4 & MT5
  • Group Coaching Calls (Live & Replays)
  •  Position Size Splitting
  • Martingale Mode
  • MAAB Trade Filter
  • Copy across Windows user profiles
  • Pay Monthly

Your initial charge will be €119.00. After 1 month, you will be charged €119.00 for each month until you cancel your subscription.

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How To Copy Trade On Local Trade Copier

The Local Trade Copier program makes it very simple and quick to copy trades between numerous MetaTrader 4 accounts. Here is a step-by-step guide for using a trade copier on MetaTrader 4


Prepare MT4 trading terminals for copy trading

Installing several MetaTrader 4 platforms on your PC is the first step. This is possible on any desktop PC, laptop, or virtual private server running Windows. MAC Users Click users

Each MT4 account should be launched, set up, and logged into using a different Metatrader platform.

  • For copy trading to work, all MT4 platforms involved must be running all the time.
  • All MT4 platforms must be running on the same computer.


Install LTC Server EA to the Master Account(s)

Install LTC Server EA after deciding which MT4 account you wish to use as a master account. It will serve as your primary account, and the Local Trade Copier will mirror every trade you make on it to other accounts.

Use the auto-installer to quickly and easily install Local Trade CopierTM on all MT4 platforms. Refresh the Navigator window or restart MT4 after installation to make the Server EA visible in the list of “Expert Advisors.”

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Install LTC Client EA to the Client Account(s)

The MT4 accounts you want to use as client accounts can be chosen. Every trade you make on the Master account will be sent to them. Utilize the auto-installer to quickly install Local Trade CopierTM on all MT4 platforms. Refresh the Navigator window or restart MT4 after installation to make the Client EA visible in the list of “Expert Advisors.”

  • As long as your computer has sufficient power, you can have an unlimited number of MT4 Client accounts.
  • Slave accounts, follower accounts, and recipient accounts are other names for client accounts.
  • Each client account has the ability to serve as a master account for the purposes of sending trades to additional client accounts. I refer to this configuration as the Smart Investor BridgeTM. But let’s not complicate matters too much right now.


Start LTC Server EA on the Master Account(s)

Launch the Server EA and then join a fresh EUR/USD chart. To begin, enter your license key and click OK.

Once activated, LTC Server EA will start continuously monitoring your MT4 Master account for fresh trades as well as any modifications to active deals, sending the information to all MT4 Client accounts connected to the same computer.


Start Client EA on the Client Account(s)

Activate the Client EA and then open a fresh EUR/USD chart. Click OK to get going. For the Client EA, a license key is not required.

Once activated, the LTC Client EA will start continuously monitoring any Server EAs that are active on the same computer for new trades or any modifications to current deals, and will repeat them right away to match accounts.

When the Client account is larger or smaller than the Master account, Client EA will by default automatically change the lot size. This will ensure that the % risk for each Client account is the same.


Copy your first Forex trade from one MT4 to another

Perform a “Pending Order Copy Test” on each trading instrument that you are considering. That is the safest technique to test whether a trade copier operates properly on each MT4 account.

Placing a pending order on the Master Account at any price far from the current market price is known as a “Pending Order Copy Test.” If everything is configured properly, the Local Trade CopierTM will quickly copy that pending order to all MT4 Client accounts.

Local Trade Copier MT4 Review

Lets take a look at what other traders have to say about Local Trade Copier MT4 via the Trustpilot platform. The good and not too Good testimonies, Lets get started.

Isaac Johnson
4 days ago
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
I am so glad that I purchased the…
I am so glad that I purchased the MT4copier,,,it is spot on with all trades from the Server account to all of my client accounts

Ho Teddy
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
Sep 2, 2022
Originally I just wanted to do some…
Originally I just wanted to do some direct local trade copying from a few EAs to a few accounts. It worked well. And I discovered that it has a lot more functions other than just simply copying. It creates a lot of flexibilities and opportunities. It is a powerful tool!

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
Aug 27, 2022
Best MT4/MT5 Copier
I was looking for something that would copy trades between multiple MT4 terminals, without being overly pricey, that wasn’t overly complicated, but still allowed a good level of customizability. Lots of people recommended Social Trader Tools (STT), but I was never happy with their price, and had previously had many connection issues when I was using it to copy signals. That’s where Local Trade Copier (MT4 Copier) came in, and I have been more than satisfied to date. Basic setup is a cinch to get things going. From there, the amount of options to customize how the copier functions is quite extensive. 100% will be recommending this over STT for personal copying going forward.

Darki Iisi
Rated 4 out of 5 stars
Sep 4, 2022
Mt4-coier .was a real discovery for me…
Mt4-coier .was a real discovery for me this year, it saves incredible time, I validate

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
Aug 14, 2022
MT4 copier user since years
I have used MT4 copier since years. It’s a very useful tool for copying Masters acc trades into Slave accs.

Only issue I have had is directly with VPS running out of ram, but latest version is lighter.

Other than that all good. 🙂

Roel Andrada
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
Aug 25, 2022
MT4 Copier
Very easy to us. Makes trading multiple accounts more convenient. The support is great and the price is very reasonable.
Excellent product!

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
Aug 6, 2022
WoW I can’t believe that exist!
WoW I can’t believe that exist. I give a try to Local Trade Copier and since then I just love it. It does exactly what it promises. Easy to install and very easy to use. I am impressed with the results. You can add accounts in a simple way and it helps to increase your profits.
As long as I am trading I will continue to use it.

It is definitely worth the cost. A very nice discovery that I recommend to everyone.

Thank you Rimantas.

Awesome Stuff! From the MT4 trader review on trustpilot, The forext trade copier has an Excellent rating of 95% and also good testimonies from traders.


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